Öğrenci Takip Sistemi



Distance Education in Vega

Distance education at Vega Schools continues to cover all subjects in the curriculum over 40 hours per week. In our lessons taught using the Zoom Program, our teachers actively use screen sharing and enable students to use it.

In the distance education process where the main thing is to follow; As soon as our lessons begin, our teachers transmit their attendance to the vice principals and our vice principals reach the students who do not attend the lesson and enable them to participate in the lessons.

A hybrid education application is provided for our students who prefer distance education on the days when face-to-face education continues; All of our classrooms were equipped with cameras and sound systems, thus ensuring that our students, who receive face-to-face education at our school and who prefer to stay at home, continue their education equally.

The online platforms we use in distance education are:

  • Zoom
  • EducatHub
  • Sebit Vcloud
  • Round
  • Morpa Campus
  • K12 Management System
  • Highlights Library


Zoom; It is a communication application that provides video and audio conferencing, telephone system, chat and webinars services with tools such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and phones.

Our online lessons at Vega Schools are conducted at all levels using the Zoom program, without any time and connection limitations.


EducatHUB is a platform established to bring the lessons, where students will discover their creativity, to the classes under the mentorship of their teachers. The HUB platform, which has a curriculum prepared by teachers who are experts in their field, allows teachers who use these curriculums in their classroom to organize / differentiate content and share their own experiences with students.

With EducatHUB, we offer an education model from kindergarten to high school that makes students love to explore and research in the fields of Robotics, Coding and STEM, makes learning permanent with practical content and aims to produce effective solutions to problems.

Sebit Vcloud

While the New Age's education approach creates learning opportunities in every space independent of time and space, it also makes learning sustainable outside the classroom walls. In the new generation learning environments, students are now evaluated holistically not only with their academic achievements but also with their social competencies.

Designed to transform the educational environment of rapidly Turkey's first "Next Generation Tutorial Sharing and Cooperation Platform" SEBIT vCloud, thanks to studying at secondary school level 5, 6, are involved in the process with 7th and 8th grade students a personalized approach to education. They succeed in collaborative and communication-oriented learning environments by carrying their social and academic knowledge to the future.


Preparation for university is a challenging period when our students need the most support in their education life. We are with our students and parents with Raunt, a university preparation product that will enable them to live this period easily and reach their goals.

We have integrated this comprehensive platform, which enables its users to learn step by step and guide them at every stage, with our educational content after detailed research and development studies in order to facilitate the education life of our students.

Turk Telekom Group Company and a leading name of SEBIT education sector, the firm that developed the rounds with our know-how of more than 30 years of educational technology, is Turkey's first and only personalized college prep solution. It has set out with the aim of giving your child not only the university but also the university and department of his/her dreams.

Morpa Kampüs

Morpa Kampüs is a platform with thousands of content, prepared to support primary and secondary school students and teachers, in accordance with the MEB curriculum.

With this system, student development according to the curriculum; It can be monitored by teachers and the member student's parents. School administrators can also follow the work of the teachers in their schools and the success of the students. In addition, teachers can monitor the progress of students in their classrooms with detailed reports, and share content with their students or other teachers in the community.

Morpa Campus in Vega Schools is used by primary school 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students, classroom and branch teachers, school administrators and parents of member students.

K12 Management System

K12NET is an institutional Student Information System that unites all stakeholders, including all managers, employees, teachers, students and parents, under a single roof. Parents can access information about their students and information about themselves through the K12NET Education System.

The following headings can be accessed in the K12net Student Information System:

  • Student Absenteeism,
  • Studies Participated by the Student,
  • Courses Taken by the Student,
  • Exam Date and Grades of the Student,
  • Student's Health Status,
  • Student's Service Information,
  • Student's Club Lessons,
  • Student Course Absences,
  • Event calendar,
  • Student's homework,
  • You can learn about messages from the teacher and send a message to the teacher.

You can download the K12net Student Information System to your mobile phone or tablet.

To access the application, you can search for K12net Mobil on the App Store or Google Play Store.