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Production Cycle

Production Cycle

Vega Production Cycle is a model that focuses on the life skills of our students. It is a bridge from education to Production in the lives of our students. Each stone that makes up this bridge symbolizes all the disciplines that make up the education in our school. With Vega Production Cycle model, our students learn to combine the knowledge they have learned in many disciplines such as mathematics to art,from arts to literature, from literature to technology.

In our school, it is believed that education is a team work. Our students gain skills as well as the information they will use throughout their lives. With the knowledge s/he learns about mathematics, s/he can not only solve questions, s/he can make his/her own furniture from wood or s/he can change the light bulb of his own his/her room with the electrical knowledge that s/he learns in physics or invent a new machine with all this knowledge.

Our students acquire many skills during their educational life. Each skill they acquire contributes positively to their next learning. Then we expect that what you have learned will turn production from education. We expect it from training to production.

When we consider the order we receive from the education, we use literacy skills, making friendships and basic training in different areas of our lives in the education that we receive in primary school. Considering the education we received in our middle school ages, the reflection of education on our lives is less than primary school. We learn our country, our identity, our geograpy. When we think about the education in high school, we see that it reflects less on our lives. Here, we aim to ensure that this education is used more effectively and to educate our students while they are in life, and to learn by doing and experiencing by doing in this process.

For this purpose, by providing Project-based learning environments; Our students learn to boil the water while brewing their tea,making angles of their own furniture in mathmetics, developing their own smart irrigation system, and growing their own plants in biology. It has to get support from all areas to reveal a Production. Thus, Mastery learning takes place. Education in Vega Production Cycle is the realization of the student in her/his life. It is to produce, to learn while working/ doing business and to be fully prepared for life.