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Society 5.0 proposes the 'super-smart society' model, in which the relationship of humans with machines and robots is achieved in the most efficient way, by evaluating the impact of digitalization and robots in terms of demographic, economic, ethical and sociological aspects. In this context, Society 5.0 refers to the transition from the information society to the super smart society. The age of humanity, which started with the hunter society, is now in the process of transition from the information society to the super smart society.

Society 5.0 is considered as a revolution that can eliminate these problems, which are serious enough to destroy the future of the country, by integrating the technological innovations brought by Industry 4.0 into the society in the most efficient way.

Society 5.0 philosophy needs to be well understood in our country. Remembering that Society 5.0 is a philosophy that aims not only to increase the power of technology but also to increase the quality of life of society, as a country, we should be able to internalize the changes brought about by technological and social transformation. We have to grasp the 'Society 5.0' philosophy by not breaking away from the 'Industry 4.0' race.

Focus on people; Not machines ...

Digitization is a tool for today's age, but we, as humans, will remain central actors. It is necessary to produce values to establish a society that supports social development in the future, makes people happy, and provides social development under all conditions, instead of a society driven by technology. Because the foundation of human life is the society that is needed. The future should be a young generation with human values, experiments with talent independent of technology, life skills.

In Vega Schools, young people who are raised with human value and intellectual curiosity receive education in our school to take part in the staff that will rule the world. For academic excellence, our students work with a distinguished group of teachers and prepare for their next education life.

Our biggest difference ...

It is our focus on achieving life success and personal growth.