Öğrenci Takip Sistemi



With our application called MY PORTFOLIO , it is aimed to increase the individual awareness of our students and to transform all their achievements, skills and personal features into a presentation file, to make them a leader and make a difference in their education and business life.

In this way, it is aimed to be a fully equipped individual , to compete with their peers at World standars, to be a leader in their field and to prove all these skills achivements with documents such as certificates,awards,report cards, and also to be sought after in domestic or foreign university admissions or job applications.

Portfolio is a development set in which the knowledge, experience, skills, equipment and achievement files that each student will acquire from the first day of their education until graduation are collected in one place. The portfolios specially prepared for each student by VEGA teachers are given to the students upon graduation. Thus, students become individuals who know themselves and their surroundings, and are accepted at elite universities abroad , and advance in one’s career.

Considering that not only diploma but also academic and world language proficiency, personal skills and contributions to society are at the forefront in order to be accepted in education and business life at home / abroad; We believe potfolio is of World-class importance.

Therefore, as Vega Schools, we aim to raise children who have not only diplomas but also porfolio equipment that will pave the way for their careers. As Vega Schools, we are aware that we are responsible not only for our students’ education but also for their entire lives.

With this awareness , we know that the application of the portfolio will bring them a huge advantage until their business life an deven life success, and we believe that you are looking in the same tack as us.

Within the scope of the portfolio, our students are evaluated under 4 main topics.


  • Goal Setting: We aim to guide each of our students who receive education and training in line with this purpose. So we help them reach the future they planned for him.
  • Academic Follow-up Practices: We teach each subject to our students with the ‘’Teach – Repeat – Evaluate – Attend’’ method. First, we enable them to repeat them in order to teach and reinforce them, then we evaluate whether our students have learned the subject,and finally, we define and resolve all the missing details.
  • Integration with life: We enable our students to gain what they learn with life by giving them the chance to practice in laboraties, workshops and real spaces for each subject learned.
  • Literacy Culture: In order to be able to understand both education and business life and to be successful, it is expected that every individual has acquired a literacy culture. For this reason, starting from pre-school, we include many practices from reading studies to workshops, from author studies to gaining a library habit in order to give our students a literacy culture.
  • Preparation for Exams: We aim for our students to be successful in exams by meeting their academic needs by performing Academic Follow-up Applications regularly and systematically.
  • Being Successfull: We aim for our students to successfully complete the academic processes in the education and training steps they will pass first, regardless of which area of life they want to be in.


Competence in Mother Tongue: It is our first priority that the student’s native language is competent in 4 skills (speaking, listening, comprehension and writing ).

  • English: In our English education program, which has been given at international standarts starting from kindergarten, we aim to make our students speak English as effectively as their mother tongue in European Language Portfolio Standards.
  • German: In addition to English, we give German lessons to our students starting from kindergarten to acquire a second foreign language. Thus, we aim to graduate our students with effective knowledge of English as well as communication skills in a second language.
  • Coding / Software: In terms of the prevalence of coding / software, which is the language of the future, it is also considered as the English of the scientific World. Nowadays, those who know coding / software on the international platform start life one step ahead; Schools that teach coding courses are considered as the beginning of reaching science. Starting from kindergarten, we aim to give coding / software lessons to our students and to produce projects by opening the doors of the science World.
  • Double Diploma: We offer our secondary and Anatolian High School students a double diploma that opens the doors of the World. Our students can graduate with both VEGA diploma and UK Homeschooling diploma, which is valid in England, America and European countries.


  • Personal Awareness: We enable our students to discover their personal talents and learn all necessary equipment to strengthen themselves and their personalities.
  • Ability to Acquire Personal Values: We ensure that our students acquire values such as responsibility, self-expression, criticism, developing different perspectives and leadership in order to be a respected individual in the society.
  • The Image They Want to Achieve in the Society: We make sure that each student draws his or her own path towards self-improvement.
  • Creativity Skill: We teach our students to explore areas of creativity and how to develop these abilities while creating their personal image.
  • Sports Skills: We aim for each of our students to know all sports branches in our school and to have skills and specialization in at least one sports branch upon graduation.
  • Art Skills: We enable our students to learn all the skills in the field of art and improve themselves in the art branch in which they are interested and talented.
  • Musical Skills: We take care that each student chooses the instrument he / she has the ability after receiving basic rhythm and music training and develops himself / herself in this field.
  • Contribution to Science: We enable our students to first learn the place and importance of science in human and social life, and then discover which field of science they want to take place with their own equipment.
  • Technology Producer: We make sure that each student knows the importance of technology and uses it correctly in his/her century.


At Vega Schools, we care that each of our students is aware of their environment.

  • Addressing Real Social Problems: We aim for our students to contribute to the society by finding real problems in society and finding solutions.
  • Producing with Technology and Science: We aim that each of our students fulfill their social responsibilities by getting support from technology and science and producing projects for the social problem they want to find solutions to.
  • Finding Solutions Through Interdisciplinary Connection: We enable our students to integrate the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their education and training lives, and to produce projects and solutions in order to fulfill their social responsibilities.
  • Raising Community Awareness: We enable our students to understand the differences and needs in society and get to know life with the projects they carry out.
  • Acquiring Entrepreneurship Skills: We aim to realize the social needs of our students and create an effort to find the right time, consultants and funding opportunities regarding them. In this way, we aim for them to understand the importance of continuity while contributing to society.