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Vega Special Instructional Design

Vega Special Instructional Design

Vega Individual Teaching Applications

Vega Schools: "Under normal circumstances, every child can learn everything, but every child learns differently!" It is an educational institution that has adopted Learning Styles that can be summarized as. Vega Schools, taking the maximum consideration of Learning Styles in teaching, determines the learning style of their students (visual, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic) with an international test starting from the 2nd grade, structures the learning process by considering the differences in learning of the students and thus provides a maximum learning environment for them.

Vega Measurement and Evaluation Applications

Vega Schools' first goal is to raise happy children. However, it also acknowledges that happiness and academic competence are not separate and distant systems. To ensure that the Vega Academic Program, which is structured as a result of careful work, is fully understood by students, students are under close monitoring of the academic staff throughout the year. In Vega Schools, where the academic progress of the students are frequently measured through regular exams, additional working environments are provided for students who have a learning deficit in any subject. Additional studies are organized quickly to complete missing issues before moving on to a new topic. With such a system, academic success is inevitable!

World-Class Foreign Language Education

A qualified foreign language education from kindergarten to high school is a must for Vega Schools. Following closely new techniques and methods in the world in language teaching, VEGA Schools provides a language education at European standards. The first foreign language in education is English which is accepted as the "universal language" and the second foreign language is German. Vega Schools aim to enable students to "acquire" the language rather than "teach" the language in foreign language education. In other words, language is acquired by students not by memorizing many grammar rules that they will forget after a while, but by developing a "feeling" of what is true without being aware of these rules.

The Generation Ready for the Future with Coding the Language of the Future

Vega Schools aim to raise the individuals who have a say in the future, in today's world where changing technology, production methods and habits inform us about a brand new future. The Vega Family, knowing that the way to achieve this passes through constantly updated educational content, introduces Coding education to its students from the age of 5. Vegans, who acquire coding skills at a young age, which are the basis of the fields that direct the information and communication technologies of the age, grow up ready for Industry 4.0 and the professions of the future. Coding education continues under the name of robotics by expanding its scope in middle school and high school levels. With coding and robotics studies that develop algorithmic thinking skills, an important infrastructure is prepared for students to become individuals who produce information and technology.

Versatile Individual with Vega Talent Academy

Academic success; it is the result of a total social, physical and emotional development. For this reason, every Vegan student is trained to express himself with at least one instrument in line with his interests and abilities and to add at least one sports branch to his life. The purpose of Vega Schools, which offers rich options to its students in the fields of sports and arts; to give students the necessary support so that they can know themselves and reveal their abilities. The Vegans, who have completed their solfege training until the end of the 3rd grade, are directed to an instrument in line with their abilities and anatomical features with the tests performed by their experienced teachers starting from the 4th grade. Vega Schools, which makes anthropometric measurements for 4th grade students in order to guide their students' skills in the field of sports, follows the physical development of their students until they graduate.

Individual Following with Vega Mentor Teaching Application

At the Vega Schools, a mentor teacher provides one-on-one mentoring to each student at secondary and high school levels. A mentor teacher is the person who helps the student to reach his goals throughout his education life and guides him in solving the problems he experiences. Therefore, the mentor teacher is obliged to know his student very well in every way. To ensure this, it is in constant communication with both the parents and all teachers of the student. With this system, where 1 mentor teacher is assigned to every 10 students, students learn to organize their work habits in the most appropriate way for their personal characteristics and needs, evaluate their development with the mentor at regular intervals and take necessary precautions regarding their deficiencies. Mentor teacher-student interviews are held individually every fifteen days and the academic and social goals planned to be achieved in the previous meeting are evaluated together. Mentor teachers play an important role in increasing communication and coordination between school and home by providing regular feedback to parents about the student through phone calls every fifteen days and individual meetings once a month.

Vega National Exam Preparation Program

At Vega Schools, preparations for High School Entrance Exam start from the 5th grade, and the preparations for the University Entrance Exam from the 9th grade. In the education process, which is supported by a special program prepared by the General Directorate, the achievements of the students in the courses are evaluated with a regular examination program. Vega Schools strongly prepare its students for national exams with written exams, "Progress Monitoring Exams" consisting of specially selected questions, and mock exams. To increase exam success; Individual and group studies are also carried out on subjects such as exam information, motivation, goal setting, preference counseling, test tactics, and coping with exam anxiety.

Special Support for High Potentials

Vega Schools academic staff discovers their students who are gifted in various subjects through scientific diagnosis methods and aims to maximize this potential with the right training. It provides this support by not collecting them into different classes and separating them from other students, but by working with them outside of school hours on weekdays and / or on weekends according to their abilities.