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Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Vega

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Vega


Turkey is located in the paradise of cultural and natural assets with universal values which accepted as the common culture of all humanity. With its ancient history, cultural codes, geographical researches and extensions, it is a very valuable country for the whole world. Turkey's cultural heritage, which is the most important brand, museums, and archaeological sites is not for only its own visitors, also is located in the gravitational field of all the guests from abroad. Protecting the value of museums and ruins, which we consider to be the most important social responsibility project in Turkey. We are moving rapidly towards promoting living museums as much as we can and developing our in-school museum. Thank you to our esteemed visitors who did not leave us alone in this regard. In order for museum pedagogy to be included in the Turkish education system and as a learning area in lifelong learning, museums should be effectively used for it. At least schools should open museums that contain their own savings. Or, by opening schools or educational museums in the districts, organic bonds should be developed that can conduct educational work with schools. As Vega schools, we believe that museum and school relations should be established with museum pedagogy project work. In this direction, we share prototypes of archaeological remains and models of living spaces within our school with you in accordance with our educational approach.

Anatolian Civilizations

Anatolia has been home to many important civilizations throughout history. It has witnessed many "firsts" in mankind history with dozens of civilizations and tribes that have not been fully uncovered today, especially the Hittite's, Phrygian's and Urartian’s. Anatolian Civilizations, founded on the fertile lands of East and West, containing a mystery that is the subject of fairy tales and the starting point of philosophical thoughts, have taken their place in history with the developments and innovations they have inherited and acquired in the world.

The help of the civilizations in Anatolia, which saw the birth of Eastern mysticism, raised the pioneers in the emergence of mathematics, astronomy, and geometry, and saw the incredible evolution of knowledge transferred from the East to the West, can thus be seen in the development stages of humanity.

Anatolian Civilizations maintain their values with the mystery they have as well as the civilizations that have lived, emerged, and not yet emerged in the important processes of history.

Göbeklitepe, Çatalhöyük, Hacılar are the first settlements in the world, and ancient Anatolia hosted them. In every corner of Anatolia, there are important centers where steps such as the cultivation and domestication of animals can be followed, enabling people to move from hunter-gathering to settled order.

The history of these religious, commercial, and culturally important settlements dates back to BC 12000.

Museum Studies in Vega Schools

With the aim of "creating an understanding about modern museology and providing students to learn by experiencing the museum culture", with informative seminars and activities for students to be taught in a museum for one lesson, Vega schools will perform educational studies that contain different module programs such as colouring antique period clothes, antique period toys, excavation pool, restoration workshop, seal workshop, the concept of museum, the rules of museum, museum tour and story writing activities to kindergarten, primary school students from the first to the fourth grade, secondary school students from the fifth to the seventh grade, and high school students who are ninth graders as a part of the museum tour. The relevant project consists of three phases: studies to be done at school during "Pre-Museum, In-Museum and Post-Museum".