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Activities in Vega

Activities in Vega

In our institution inspired by its roots, we bring a new breath to today’s education world with the Vega Production Cycle approach while taking into account the needs of the children and youngsters and supporting them academically. In fact, the Vega Production Cycle approach supports the students’ learning by doing and experiencing their extracurricular activities in the classroom and provides a permanent learning, so that the knowledge does not remain unfulfilled. Therefore, we aim for our students to produce within this framework of cycle in these planned activities in this process, thus improving their performance gradually.

Students are expected to perform observable performances such as writing an essay, a poetry or a story, drawing a graph, forming an experimental setup, preparing a poster, writing a project and a project report, performing an experiment, drawing a sketch or a picture, designing a vehicle, and are expected to improve their social skills such as participating in a group work, attaching importance to the opinions of others, expressing themselves, giving presentations and communicating.

While planning the activities, we take into account the individual differences of the students and care about students’ taking responsibility, so that they can participate in learning actively. With this method, we aim to raise individuals who search, question, produce, think critically and solve problems by moving away from rote learning.

Our activities are based on Life Skills, Turkish, Art, Stage Play, Music, Movement, Games, Science and Mathematics, and they include interviews and outdoor trips with notable intellectuals, experts in their field and artists. Our activities occurs in accordance with interdisciplinary working, which freed the learning environment from classroom dependency with the collaborative work of our teachers and students.

The activities can be done with a group of students as a class or individually, depending on their content. In these activities, children talk about what they can do with the boxes of the same colour and size and recyling materials, and then they are divided into groups by planning. These groups make decisions and create different three-dimensional products.

In addition to extracurricular activities and workshops, the most important goal of our educational practices is to ensure that each of our students take part in a "social responsibility project" and become individuals who can do useful works for the society and adapt what they learn to their lives.


We aim to raise modern individuals who walk in the light of Atatürk’s principles and reforms, who think critically, who question and produce. We have a student-centered program. Culture, art, sports and technology are under of our education umbrella. Therefore, all ceremonies are very important to us. Our ceremonies include culture, art and sports. Learning by doing and experiencing is also valid for our ceremonies.