Öğrenci Takip Sistemi



Homeschooling is very common in Europe and America, and if families do not want to send their children to school, they can provide home education under the supervision of the state and participate in national exams. For this reason, high schools and universities have organized their enrollment acceptance processes so that homeschool students can apply, and some educational institutions have even prioritized homeschool students.

In order to meet this need, the UK Homeschool program has opened its doors to students who want to study abroad in many countries of the world, and offers students the privilege of having a British diploma so that they can apply to high schools and universities all over the world with the secondary and high school diplomas it provides.

The secondary school program is 4 years at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, and the high school program is 3 years at the 9th, 10th and 11th grade levels. Grades 12 and 13 are A Level (Advance level) classes in which students who want to go to university in the UK education system do extra work on the subject they will study. That's why UK Homeschool students complete their education in Grade 11. In the middle school level, the lectures of a teacher are carried out in the classroom, while the high school program is conducted online and individually.

Students have 1 year to complete the program after enrollment. Students can request to complete the program early and take the exam if they wish. The exam booklet consists of Mathematics and Science sections and each section contains 25 test questions. The exams are held in our school and are 3 hours in duration. After the exam, the test results are sent to us and the report card / diploma is sent to our school from England within about 1 month.

UK Homeschool students are sent a report card at the end of each year, and their report card and diploma for the last year of the program. A portfolio file is also sent in the last year, which they can use during their university application.

Another opportunity offered to students participating in the UK Homeschool program is to complete the last week of their education in England.