Öğrenci Takip Sistemi



Training individuals to make a difference in the future of our country will only be possible with an education that makes a difference. As Altınhas Holding, while continuing our activities with the strength we get from our experience of over 70 years, our basic goal has always been to serve a modern and developing Turkey.

We have determined our vision as creating innovative and environmentally responsible corporations which are pioneers in the industry, will provide added value to the economy of Turkey and the countries where we operate. But most of all, we have adopted the "human first" philosophy in every step we have taken.

When we consider our companies that operate in many different fields and are among the leading companies of the sector, we firmly believe that the success we have achieved is a result of our human-sensitive approach in all areas of life.

As a holding that adds value to the economy and reputation of the country, we have always felt responsible for the solution of social problems as well as our success in the business field. We created awareness of participation in various social responsibility projects from health to education, sports to arts in our companies, we produced resources and meticulously followed the efficiency of the projects. In particular, we have always believed that education plays a major role in shaping the future of our country, and we have been of the opinion that serving youth is a debt of citizenship.

Based on this belief, we established Altınbaş University with the support of Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation. Our university, which started its education life in the 2011-2012 academic year, has made great improvements in a short time with its vision of making a difference in education.

Today, within the body of our university, which continues its studies with an understanding of education that is beyond the borders and integrated with the needs of our country; there are 7 different faculties, including Medical and Law faculties, besides the School of Foreign Languages and the Vocational School providing education in 6 different fields, the Institutes of Science and Social Sciences and Research and Application Centers that continue their studies in 3 different fields.

We continued our activities with the belief that raising individuals who will make a difference in the future of our country can only be possible with an education that makes a difference, and we carried out another important initiative in the field of education with Vega Schools, which we established under Altınhas Holding as of 2014.

Vega Schools started educational activities in the 2014-2015 academic year under the leadership of a founding staff with a successful educational background, combined with a strong institutional infrastructure.

The main goal of Vega Schools will be to raise successful generations that are contemporary, whose value system is developed and who can assume social responsibilities, with the purpose of creating a society that makes a difference and a growing Turkey towards the future.

On this occasion, we wish success to the Vega Schools family and our students who will start their education life at our school.

Yours faithfully,


Chairman of the Board